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How to Effectively Combine Extreme Kettlebell Cardio DVD's more for variety & challenge Posted by: Weber  On June 4, 2014  | Posted in: Extreme Kettlebells Blog

How to effectively combine extreme kettlebell cardio dvds 1 & 2 for more variety and challenge

I have had requests for some time now from athletes who have been using my DVDs as part of their fitness regimens to lay out a program that combines the 2 DVDs. Personally I enjoy combining the workout chapters from each quite frequently to add variety and challenge to my training sessions.

The biggest difference is that the second DVD has more chapters where the rep count is lower, allowing the volume to be higher, and potentially allowing the user to go a bit heavier. The first DVD is more of  series of wind sprints with a range of exercises. 

Having said all of that, here is my favourite way to use both DVDs together. 

warm up

There are essentially 4 warm-up chapters on the 2 DVDs depending on your perspective. On the first DVD I often like to do chapter 4, the swing workout, to warm up, while on the second, the flow and the cardiovascular chapter are great dynamic warm ups. I like to do the 5 Rites as features on the first chapter daily, preferably first thing in the morning. 

Pick one of these depending on your mood, maybe grab a lighter KB if you're tired, and do a warm up that will really prep you for an intense session.


OK, here are some combos that I like to use myself:

Upper body 1

  • Upper Body Blast from EKC1
  • Ladder EKC2
  • Grind EKC2
  • Upper Body Blast (again)
  • Finish with Turkish Getup Routine EKC1
  • Core

This takes under an hour and really gets the shoulder going. 

lower body 1

  • Squat Series EKC2
  • Lunge Series EKC2
  • Leg Burner EKC1

Repeat 1-3 times, finish strong with Chapter 4- Swing Workout EKC1

best of both worlds

  • Man Maker EKC1
  • The Test EKC2
  • Swing Workout EKC1
  • Slingshot EKC1
  • Ladder Workout EKC2
  • Core 

the ultimate challenge

  • The Test 
  • Squat Series
  • Lunge Series
  • Leg Burner
  • Man Maker
  • The Grind
  • Turkish Getup

This is a fun way to test your stamina and willingness to push through.


Here is a suggested 6 week program I have used successfully that will provide you with progression and variety in your training. I did not indicate warm-up or core as I know we are all responsible adults and will include these accordingly!

week 1

M- First three chapters of EKC1

T- Cardiovascular, squat, lunge chapters of EKC2

W- Off/Active Recovery

TH- Swing, slingshot, and getup chapters from EKC1

F- Ladder, grind, and test from EKC2

week 2

M- Chapter 4-7 EKC2

T- Chapter 2,3 EKC2 then Chapter 4,5 EKC1


TH- First three chapters EKC1

F- Test x2, getup chapter 

week 3

M- Upper Body 1

W- Lower Body 1

F- Best of Both Worlds

week 4

M- Upper Body 1

W- Lower Body 1

F- Ultimate Challenge

week 5

M- Chapter 1-5 EKC1

W- Chapter 4-8 EKC2

F- Best of Both Worlds

Week 6

M-First three chapters EKC1

W- Last three chapters of EKC2

Saturday- Entire EKC1

ENJOY!! Stand by for my next article on how to combine KB training with barbells for bigger gains.



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